By Rio Cañal

In the Philippines, a growing need for research and technological development persists as it is seen as one of the key elements that drive countries towards progress. With the vision of instilling the culture of research among the Filipino youth, the future leaders of our country, Research Fair was launched in 2002.

Research Fair (RF) is an annual research-based competition and workshop series organized by UP ALCHEMES that caters to high school students from all over the country. It has come a long way from its establishment in 2002; from being a one-day event catering solely to high school students within Metro Manila to a three-day long competition and convention with over 500 delegates from 38 different high schools from all over the Philippines.

With this event, the organization’s desire for academic excellence within and even beyond the university is showcased. With its 3 main sub-events: the Research Competition, National Science Conquest, and Youth Science Convention, RF continues to highlight and celebrate the importance of science and the youth’s involvement in its enrichment.

But besides being an academic pursuit, RF primarily aims to give back to the young scientists and researchers of the nation by providing them with an avenue to develop their potentials. It serves as a platform for students to exchange ideas, grow, and learn from both professionals and peers. It is an investment not only in the potential researches and projects presented, but in the young researchers and scientists behind them.

Now on its 15th year, Research Fair carries the theme: ‘EPITAXY: Reinforcing Youth Ingenuity into the Lattice of Science and Technology’ as it calls on the innovative Filipino youth to take part in shaping the future of our nation and of our world through their scientific innovations.