By Marlon Mopon

All good things must come to an end.

Good thing CEERS is returning in two years time.

UP ALCHEMES’ College Entrance Exam Review Series (CEERS) 2014 reached its conclusion, August 9, marking the end of its 12 year-run. It is expected to return in 2016.

Over 200 students from Ramon Magsaysay – Cubao High School (RMCHS) and St. Mary’s Academy of Sto. Niño Bulacan (SMASN) participated in this year’s reviews. Volunteer tutors from UP ALCHEMES helped the students master different lessons under Science, Mathematics, Language Proficiency, Reading Comprehension and Abstract Reasoning. The lessons are designed to prepare the students for their upcoming entrance examinations for different colleges and universities.

Apart from conducting academic discussions, CEERS 2014 also provided its students guidance on choosing their future careers through a Course Orientation program. Thirteen different courses were featured and shared to the students in order to help them decide better with their college applications.

The program’s resumption in two years is due the implementation of the K-12 education system. Despite the hiatus, the CEERS 2014 team is grateful for the continuous support of the students, staff and administration of the RMCHS and SMASN.

CEERS is a part of UP ALCHEMES’ advocacy to promote academic excellence beyond its bounds. By conducting an affordable and comprehensive review series, the organization hopes to equip the students with the crucial skills for their entrance examinations. All of the activities of CEERS are focused on giving assistance to the next generation of college students.