By Eloisa Janelle Grenas

With all the news surfacing about him recently, he has gathered a lot of descriptions besides his wide collection of accolades and distinctions. He is subtly described as the most inspiring Summa Cum Laude of his generation. Everyone probably heard of his stirring Math 17 story, one that everyone could more or less relate to. Everyone has probably encountered the name “Alexander John Cruz” now.

We know him as Alex in the tambayan, as one of the smartest in the organization. We know the embodiment of his goals and how he puts it into action; his recognitions are sure testimonies to this. Yet only a few knows of his vibrancy, how he keeps his cool in times of stress (being a dedicated researcher, he has a lot!), and how he can stir a joke in the simplest of situations. And only a few knows how he is as an Alchemist.

Alex is not one to bury himself in academics alone, at least not all the time. In his stay in the organization, he has tremendously put an effort to better our events and hone his skills. He took big roles in our flagship events, aside from a lot of team contributions. This has ultimately led to the success of the events. And his academic influence and inspiration in the organization is indubitable.

Besides all the technical interviews we’ve probably heard of now, we had the time to ask Alex a few things about himself as an Alchemist – few sunlit words as he shares this other side of him.

Q: How did you manage your time in college?

A: I made sure that everything is listed in order of importance and prioritization. I deal with the most urgent and the most important first. But in doing so, I was aware of the weights I put in every task I list. Also I have maximized the resources available to make my time management more efficient.

Q: What is your favorite core value, and why?

A: My favorite core value is PROFESSIONALISM. College taught and showed me how important it is not only in academics but also in the real world—that talent and skills go hand in hand with discipline, punctuality and organization to really bring the best in us.

Q: What is your most endearing experience in UP ALCHEMES?

A: UP ALCHEMES is my home in the department and the college as well, whenever I’m around the ALCHEMISTS, I share the feeling of family, of friendship and support.

Q: What learning did you exclusively experience in UP ALCHEMES?

A: UP ALCHEMES gave me a glimpse of what the real world has to offer to us. The organization gave us a sneak peak of what can happen in the future as it served as our training grounds. Also, it made me appreciate connections more as I have met amazing and successful people who are alumni of our beloved organization.

Q: Few words of inspiration from THE Alexander John Cruz?

A: It has been my dream to inspire someone everywhere I go, same with you, go forth and be an inspiration to others :)

It is clear to everyone that you have been an inspiration to all of us, Alex! One life goal is already in completion. Thank you for sharing your college years with the organization, and we will always remember how you made a difference in your stay. Cheers to your extra miles, and we’ll surely be seeing and reading more of you in the future.

Photo credit: Yco Patricio