By: Via Reyna


ChEck-In: The Chemical Engineering Department Building Tour & Seminar was launched last September 4, 2017 at the Department of Chemical Engineering with the help of the upperclassmen students of the said department; according to Jared Martinez, Chemical Engineering (ChE) Representative, “[it was] to orient freshmen of what lies ahead of the five-year degree program, so that they could see what the degree program has to offer for them, and to give them a better understanding of what ChE can offer them in the long run.”

This year was the second time UP Chemical Engineering Society Inc. (KEM) and UP Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students Inc. (ALCHEMES) collaborated for this umbrella event and thus adding to the list of the events, along with ChE Days and ChEtorials, which offer ground for the partnership between both organizations.

ChEck-In had two sub-events – the Department Seminar and the Lab Tour.

The Department Seminar, headed by Ma. Vanessa Hidalgo from KEM, took place from 8am up to 12nn where three chemical engineering major students from batch 2017 grabbed the opportunity to know more about the department. The primary goal of this sub-event according to Jared Martinez was “to give an overview of chemical engineering in terms of the degree program itself and what you can get and achieve outside from the degree program.”

The following topics were discussed during the seminar: Application of ChE in the Industry by Mr. Rey Marquez, ChE Curriculum by Mr. Aldren Ribalde, and lastly, Taking Post-graduate Studies and Our Role in the Academe by Mr. Joey Ocon.

On the other hand, headed by Jeff Jerard Canda from ALCHEMES, Lab Tour was attended by two ChE freshies with seventeen upperclassmen as marshals and demo volunteers. This tour was “to orient new students about the different laboratories of the department. It’s in light of what they got from the department seminar, so they could weigh what part of ChE sparks them the most, aside from giving them a sneak peek of what’s in the ChE labs,” said Martinez.

The chemical engineering laboratories that opened their doors for the freshmen to see were as follows: FETS with a demo led by John Paul Sanglay, Fluor led by Marlon Mopon, Polymer lab with Peter Onglao and a tour around the pilot plant with selected 5th year students.

One of the problems faced by Jeff Canda being the head of the afternoon session of ChEck-In was the poor participation from the ChE freshies, considering the small population of the freshmen who entered the department this school year. Another was the unresponsiveness of the lab heads which consequently led to fewer laboratories that allowed to be a part of the said tour.

As the event ended, ChE representative Jared Martinez and Alchemist Jeff Canda left messages for the next Department Building Tour & Seminar.

“Good luck! Masaya mag-set ng first impression sa mata ng freshies sa kung ano talaga ang ChE,” (Canda).

“Next academic year, there will be more new faces to the ChE community. I believe ChEck-In will have a bigger potential, and I hope both organizations and the next ChE representatives will make the most out of it,” (Martinez).