By Junel Lawrence Indiongco

In today’s society, life has turned into a game of survival between the rich and the poor. Chances of finding sustainable jobs and being employed have become very slim. Consumer goods and other necessities continue to get more expensive than before. Because of how unfair way of life in the Philippines is, a lot of Filipinos remain victims of poverty.

In order to make a difference in the lives of the unprivileged even in the smallest way possible, UP ALCHEMES launched its nationwide service-oriented event, ChEer UP Pinoy, in 2012. Through this event, Alchemists get the chance not only to reach out and extend their helping hands to various communities across the country but also to paint smiles on the faces of their fellow Filipinos and to bring change without expecting anything in return. For the past three years, approximately 3,500 Filipinos all over the country have already been ChEered UP.

ChEer UP Pinoy aims to establish significant and sustainable solutions to major problems related to education, livelihood, health and environmental awareness faced by the chosen communities. Every year, a community from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and NCR is chosen to be served. Aside from donating the usual relief goods, UP ALCHEMES, as an academic league, also conducts alternative and interactive ways of teaching science concepts to the young people who cannot afford to attend school. Magic tricks with scientific principles are also performed in order to help children appreciate science and technology.

From last year alone, the organization donated books to 1,763 students to further promote the love of reading and partnered with Mind Museum to instill scientific thinking into the minds of young Filipinos.

Through ChEer UP Pinoy, the communities are being shaped to a whole new level as well as the Alchemists. Core values such as service, humility and academics continue to be nurtured and intensified by the experiences of the members and the moments they have shared with the people they serve.

No matter how unfair and hard the situation of the Filipinos today, simple acts of kindness and service can make a big difference and catalyze the change everyone is waiting for.