By Marlon Mopon

Chemical engineering freshies got a glimpse of what’s ahead of them during the 2014 ChE Building Tour and Department Seminar held August 18.

These events highlight the new facilities of the department as well as different things-to-know about chemical engineering which would be of incredible use for the freshies.

The ChE Building Tour, organized by UP ALCHEMES, provided the freshmen means of exploring the new department building along C. P. Garcia Avenue. The building has just been opened for use this semester and is, thus, something new for everyone – not just the freshmen. Different stations were placed throughout the building and were used to demonstrate different experiments and skills essential for a chemical engineering student. The freshmen were also given opportunity at each station to ask their ates and kuyas about their ChE experiences.

After the tour, the freshies headed to Melchor Hall for the Department Seminar organized by UP KEM. They were provided with useful information concerning the department, the degree program and the students of chemical engineering.

The ChE Building Tour and the Department Seminar were joint ventures of the Department of Chemical Engineering, UP ALCHEMES and UP KEM.

Photo credit: Lance Orejas