By Shely Anne Ortiz

The Chemical engineering field presents several career opportunities for its future graduates. Chemical engineers can take on a variety of work ranging from technical to academic. Aside from their versatility, chemical engineers have the potential to build sustainable change through their  scientific proficiencies.

The pioneers of the Chemical Engineering Summit envisioned creating an event that will increase awareness of the Chemical engineering field and the important issues that concern our nation. Since its inception in 2006, this event has remained true to its purpose of promoting academic excellence and holistic development among the future Chemical engineers of the country. To further promote these values, in 2012, the summit was launched as a nationwide event providing a series of seminars and workshops, competitions, and plant tours for undergraduate Chemical engineering students all over the country.

Since then, ChESSPH has become the ultimate venue for undergraduate Chemical engineering students to hone their skills and better prepare themselves for what lies ahead in the future. With 4 core sub-events, namely, the (1) Career Path Seminar, (2) Corporate Workshop, (3) Idea Generation Seminar, and (4) Plant tour, ChESSPH provides participants with a clearer view of the Chemical engineering field through exchanges with professionals from the industry and the academe as well as with their fellow students.

ChESSPH goes beyond being a mere gathering, it creates an avenue for the Chemical engineering youth to develop their potentials; empowering them to be better individuals ready to take part in the challenge of generating solutions to the prevalent problems that affect our nation.