By: Joshua Chua


It’s 4:00 PM. Your last lecture for the day just finished and your professor has just dismissed you. After a long day of classes, you ponder how to spend the rest of your day. Do you go home? Grab a bite to eat? Study at the library? After some deliberation, you decide to spend some time at the ALCHEMES tambayan.

What exactly brings you, and many others, to the tambayan? Well, first off, the tambayan offers a spacious area for you to stay in. There’s plenty of room to work, play, or even study. With the brand-new arrangement of the tables, the tambayan has become less crowded and packed.

If one is tired of studying, they may opt to choose a plethora of card and board games that may be found lying around. From Monopoly to Uno to a simple deck of playing cards, the ALCHEMES tambayan is full of fun distractions to help the members de-stress.

Recently, there have been some new additions and modifications to the tambayan. Alkahest, this sem’s batch of applicants, decided to donate an electric fan and did a makeover for the tambayan. This was done in an effort to address some of the comments and complaints about the temperature of the tambayan and also as a part of their batch project. Step by the step, the tambayan is being transformed into a student-friendly and member-friendly space for Alchemists to relax after a stressful day at school. Of course, these are just material things that the tambayan offers.

Perhaps the biggest incentive for one to tambay is not the study area, the games, or even the new fan. What brings us all together to the ALCHEMES tambayan is the chance to interact and bond with our fellow Alchemists. There’s nothing like having a good conversation or telling a funny story to your co-members, especially if you only get to see them at the tambayan.

It’s 7:00 PM. You and your friends decide to go home after staying at the tambayan for almost three hours. Although planning to study, you and your barkada ended up talking for most of that time. However, despite the need to study and to go home, you know in your heart that the time spent there was not wasted, for the tambayan is already home for you.