By Patricia Bata

After its establishment 15 years ago, UP ALCHEMES takes pride in being able to continuously instill the five core values to its members, who are also known as Alchemists. These core values, best known as SHAPE, are Service, Humility, Academics, Professionalism, and Excellence. They are displayed in the events and activities organized by the members and they are trained to embody them with the tasks that are assigned to each and every Alchemist.

Service is the core value that influences most of the organization’s activities in events. Alchemists will give back to the country and its people whatever has been provided for them. They do this, not expecting any special treatment or recognition, because they are content with knowing that what they’ve done has made a difference in someone else’s life because they believe that there should be an Alchemist for another Alchemist. This is how they personify the second core value, humility.

And even though the organization has numerous activities that keep Alchemists busy, they never forget their responsibilities as a student. Regular review sessions for long exams are held to help other students who are having difficulties understanding certain concepts. Also most of the organization’s events aim to help other students in their scholarly pursuits. Academics are always a priority because Alchemists understand the importance of getting of a good education and how that can pave a way to a better future for themselves and the people around them.

Alchemists are trained to be professional in everything they do by encouraging and allowing them to spearhead the organization’s events with the help of other Alchemists. Every member is given a chance to take full responsibility of a task and they are encouraged to go out of their comfort zones to hone their skills so they can face any challenge given to them.

And last but not least, excellence is expected in every task given or output produced by an Alchemist. Whether it is as small as keeping the tambayan clean and orderly or making sure an event goes as smoothly as possible, Alchemists are expected to accomplish the task and give 100% into making sure it is done and done flawlessly.

These values make an Alchemist and differentiate them from other people. In everything they do, be it something small, big, tedious, or enthusing, they will always show the core values. They are instilled into the members and they are emphasized so that wherever they go and whatever they do in life, they will always be able to make a difference.

Photo credit: Jodel Cuasay