By: Kevin Adrian Wong

With the passage of time change becomes an inevitability. What once was is almost never what one will be. The same is true for organizations and people and so the same is true for UP ALCHEMES. With the coming and going of every academic year, new members are warmly welcomed while old ones bid their bittersweet goodbyes. However, with each passing of the torch, UP ALCHEMES only continues to grow as an organization and only helps to develop its members to even greater heights. These changes have shaped UP ALCHEMES and its members to be different, to be more modern and with the times in order to use what is available to further the ideals of UP ALCHEMES.

Established in January 1999, UP ALCHEMES started as a simple organization with less than fifty members with the primary vision of producing “highly competent and professional chemical engineers, provide service to the University and the country, and conduct activities with the highest possible professional, academic and socio-civic standards.” In this regard, the organization has continued to strive for this vision with every passing year. However, as UP ALCHEMES grows, so too does the reach of its vision and this is what makes the organization modern. As the times change, the context by which the organization operates also changes, but it does not do so bluntly or without reason, but does so by using its original vision as a guide to help in establishing its identity.

Perhaps, this change can most clearly be seen with the rise of the internet. During the conception of UP ALCHEMES, the internet had not yet been well established. However, with the rise of the 21st century, the importance and influence of the internet and the various forms of media associated with it continued to grow. During the early 2000s, it was used as a form of communication between the members. With this, communicating even at home became a possibility. As time went on, the increasingly important world wide web could be used as a means to showcase and spread the influence of UP ALCHEMES and so the UP ALCHEMES website was established. Along with this, the rise of social media also allowed for increasing publicity for the organization in order to extend its reach for its brand of service and the various events hosted by the organization.

Now, UP ALCHEMES has achieved a new level of digitization. Using applications such as photoshop, publication materials for the various events are made. These are then broadcast through social media to allow UP ALCHEMES to reach people from all over the country. These are just some of the many ways in which the times have influenced the organization. It is then clear to see that with the advent and growth of technology, so too did ALCHEMES grow by utilizing these to bring about even greater acts of SHAPE such as through its events such as Research Fair, ChESSPH, and ChEer UP.

The current generation of Alchemists embody everything that their predecessors stood for. They continue to strive for the ideal that is SHAPE. Yes, the UP ALCHEMES of today is vastly different from its original conception in terms of how it functions and operates, but it is this difference that shows that UP ALCHEMES has grown. In fact, this difference was born from the building blocks set about by the original incipient founding fathers of the organization. It is a succession of ideals, wishes, and hopes that wishes to bring continuing and lasting change to the country and with this succession the original vision, mission, and ideals of the organization become ever more feasible and a lasting reality. UP ALCHEMES has and will continue to evolve to match the times yet always fighting for what it has always and always will believe in.