By: Kevin Adrian Wong


Behind every good organization lies a strong foundation of members devoted to the cause that they are fighting for. However, what truly sets apart a great organization from one that is simply good is its leaders, those who are willing and capable of guiding the members into unlocking their full potential. Without these figureheads, an organization will fail to cohesively unite its members. Luckily, UP ALCHEMES has no shortage of willing and capable leaders ready to help realize the organization’s vision. Since its founding, the UP ALCHEMES brand of service and excellence has always been upheld by the heads continuing on the trailblazing path set alight by the organization’s founders. This year’s set of executive officers is no different.

In UP ALCHEMES, with every year that passes, a new generation steps up to take on the responsibilities of their predecessors. To be a member of the executive committee requires time and skill, but more importantly, time and dedication. However, it can be said with confidence that the men and women who have stepped up to take leadership positions for the organization are more than qualified to bring UP ALCHEMES to new heights. Thus, it is with pride that I present to you this year’s executive officers.

Leading the vanguard of UP ALCHEMES is none other than the president himself, Peter Onglao. A man of both academics, as evidenced by his tremendous success in ChE, and service, as can be seen in his previous leadership roles such as in Research Fair, he stands as the pinnacle of what the organization seeks to balance out. With the task of serving as a role model for all the members as well as unifying all the different committees in working for the common goal of UP ALCHEMES’ mission, Peter certainly has his work cut out for him, but his charisma and leadership will most certainly lead him to success.

If Peter is the overall figurehead of UP ALCHEMES, then Ana Ruiz, being the executive officer for external affairs, is in charge of forming bonds and partnerships with other organizations. Her fun loving nature, charisma, and natural leadership skills make her well suited for the role. It is through her and her committee’s handiworks that the organization can spread its wings outside of the department and reach heights it could not reach if it only stayed within the confines of DChE.

Indeed the importance of extending the reach of the organization externally cannot be emphasized enough, but equally important are the inner workings of the organization. Step into the shoes of Kaelin Tsai, the executive officer for internal affairs. With the goal of improving the skills of the members of the organization as well as serving as the primary source of logistics and manpower, Kaelin and her committee are essentially the backbone of UP ALCHEMES. A daunting task it may be, but Kaelin’s previous headships such as in Engg Week show her natural aptitude for the role.

If the internal affairs committee is in charge of the current members of UP ALCHEMES, then it is the job of Chester Batiforra and the membership committee to recruit and shape new potential members. Chester’s friendliness and years of being a member of the committee serve him well in interacting with the applicants. His role is paramount as it ensures that the organization will always receive a constant influx of new members ready to continue the legacy of UP ALCHEMES.

As important as all this is, an organization still needs funds to stay afloat. This task is handled by the finance committee and its head, Marco Francisco. In charge of marketing, finance, and generating funds, it is no jest that without the finance committee, all of the organization’s projects would only be a pipedream and would never come to fruition. However, Marco’s years of experience handling financial matters for the organization helps to ensure that money is never a serious issue in terms for the organization.

As the Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students, it should be of no surprise that academics is a prime concern for the organization and its members, and heading this committee is none other than Amelia Jane Belarmino. Utilizing her intellect, knowledge, and passion for learning to the utmost in the committee, she is clearly a good fit for the role. By organizing reviews, tutorials, and making simplexes and reviewers, the committee is able to supplement the learnings of the members of the organization and help ensure that they are successful in their own academics.

The publicity committee, headed by Joana Calma, provides support to all the other committees by advertising for their activities and events. However, not only are their works simple publicity, they are works of art that show and prove that engineering students have skills and abilities that go beyond the realm of engineering. With her extensive background in publicity and abundant creativity, it is of no doubt that she will produce good results as the executive officer for publicity.

Finally, last but certainly not the least is the woman leading the secretariat committee, Darlene Centina. Her impressive track record of serving in the engineering student council more than proves her capable of being a leader. Her skills and experiences obtained from her work in the ESC will prove to be a huge asset for UP ALCHEMES and will undoubtedly come into play in the realizing of her dream to revive The Catalyst and spread the name of the organization through the various documentations.

The future remains unknown, and no man or woman can claim to know what will happen to the organization this year, but it is clear that UP ALCHEMES has been left in capable hands. So indeed, the future does remain unknown, but at the very least the future, holding an infinite amount of limitless possibilities, seems to shine bright.