by Joselle Reyna


Last July 22, resident members, led by the Blockhandling (BH) Committee of UP ALCHEMES, organized Fresh Day 2017 at the Sunken Garden Grandstand and Vinzons Hall to bond with the freshies of the Department of Chemical Engineering and to give them an official welcoming to the University as well.


The steering committee of the blockhandlers exerted much effort to reach out to the freshmen even before the second semester of the previous academic year ends. From the income generating projects, venue reservations, getting-to-know the Freshies, the BH committee has been hands-on for the take-off of the new chemical engineering students.


The whole Blockhandling Committee was headed by Ichan Delos Santos. The following are the members of the steering committee who stepped up to help achieve the goals of being a true blockhandler to the freshies: Finance head – Patricia Joson, Internals heads – Carmina Tinitigan and Shaina Sapio, Freshie Relations head – Klariza Matias, Logisitics Head – Andrea Onglao, Marketing head – Mark Deang, Publicity head – Khimi Nopre, and Records Head – Ric Alindayu.     


Fresh Day was prepared for the freshmen of the Department of Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering. Its objective was mainly to give them a warm welcome for their fresh beginning in the University as they take off to higher heights with their aspiration to be a chemical engineers as their driving force.


In addition, Ichan Delos Santos said, “[It is] for the freshies to become comfortable with the UP environment and their coursemates before the class starts! Mahirap kasi mag-adjust especially those who came from [an] all boys or girls school so a little team building activity and bonding session will help,”.


Eight out of 22 freshies participated and grabbed the chance to interact with the Alchemists who attended Fresh Day 2017. The event started at around 1:30 P.M. at the Grandstand with sincere opening remarks from Ichan Delos Santos. After listening to a short speech from Ichan, the program proceeded with an ice breaker to help freshmen shake off the awkwardness among themselves through a simple game called human bingo. The attendees were given pieces of paper with characteristics of people inscribed in boxes. The objective of the game was to fill all the boxes with signatures from the members present. Freshies were then given ample time to know a part of the personalities of the Alchemists who attended and vice versa. The traditional way of introducing oneself to a crowd of new faces was also done by the freshmen and the members.


More games and team-building activities followed. One of which was called Sunflower Game where petals with the correct answers should be chosen by the freshies and form a complete sunflower depending on a given topic like “jeepney signboards within the campus”. Another was called Iskorades which is a game of charades wherein the words or phrases acted out pertained to a life of an Isko. The event came to an end with closing remarks from the president of UP ALCHEMES, Peter Onglao.


When Carl Joshua Yeung, a freshie who took part in Fresh Day 2017, was asked about his experience during the said event, he said, “Well I guess it was fun meeting with my fellow ChE freshies, getting to meet them, and of course the activities,”.



The freshies and blockhandlers after the first installment of Fresh Day.


Fresh Day 2.0 last August 11 was done as a follow-up on the freshmen as the first days of classes started. More freshies attended that only four of them did not make it. The Alchemists’ goal was for this simple act of bonding make the freshmen feel that they have someone to talk to and be with them as they take off to become chemical engineers of the future.